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Steel Plates

Stainless steel plates are undoubtedly the most sought after for attention grabbing office signs that add to the beauty of your office. Stainless Steel 304 grade of 0.8mm to 1.0 mm thick (thickness of plate depend on size of plate) brush/matt finish plate in chemical etching process add to the durability and attractiveness of the steel plates by a huge margin. Whether you prefer to have an intricate line art, an image or text painted on our stainless steel plate signages, your visitors will always be wowed.

Chemical Etching Manufacturing Process-

As the name suggests, chemical etching process involves chemically engraving the background or the image of your choice into the metal. Using acid, a concave area is created on the surface which is filled with enamel and subsequently baked to guarantee optimum durability, particularly in mining and other hazardous high temperature surroundings. Etching process ensures that the information remains intact even after the Duco enamel is totally demolished.

Multicolor Options Are Available

At Canvas Signages, you have multicolor options at your disposal. A digital prototype is shared with you for approval before the work begins.

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